For longer than I can remember, I have always been draw to Eastern healing, the rhythms of nature, and the seemingly mystical. This constant buzzing in my heart stayed with me throughout the years and eventually inspired me to open up to the endless possibilities that life offers. Aligning me with my calling and truth through yoga, meditation, and energy healing.
Thus, bringing me here…

The short hand story of how I got to this space with yoga and teaching it, all begins with the practices of Meditation. I originally came to Mediation as a means to surrender and the wanting to change. My mind felt full of stories that played on a loop and I was finding myself “lost” within them. In 2011, after exploring the practice of Japa Meditation I began to notice that the patterns I was continuing to put myself in were no longer serving me in the way they once did. The more I practiced this form of meditation the more I became aware of the interconnectedness of our thoughts, emotions, physical body, and spiritual self.

As time went on I found myself being re-introduced to the asana practice of yoga, something I had the honor to do with my father when I was a pre-teen.

Over the past few years of this teaching journey, since my 200hr in May of 2015, I have continued to explore many facets of yoga; via workshops, events, and various trainings. Finding myself further drawn into the art of slowing down, supporting the body through softer movements, and a appreciation for community. Since December 2017 I have had the honor to hold space for a rad community, along side a powerful woman and friend, as a co-owner of a yoga studio called, Tacoma Yoga.

Throughout my journey I connected deeply with Yin Yoga. Though I will admit, my love for yin wasn’t always so strong. When I first found this practice I immediately became aware of the chatter that was present in my mind. In my early moments of this practice, Yin Yoga was a mirror for me and it showed me how I showed up in discomfort and in resistance. As it continued to call me back I would begin to see how I can choose to show up differently, that I am capable to sit in my stuff, and that our bodies are intelligent beings that crave deep rest and nurturance.

Since my Yin & Chakra Training with Reanna Costa in December 2015, I now have over 200hrs of knowledge with Yin Yoga and the Chakra System. Not too long after I began assisting and eventually had the honor to co-lead these trainings alongside my teacher and friend.

Currently, I now lead a Yin Training of my own interpretation in Tacoma, WA with a gifted teacher and friend.


As I mentioned, I have always been drawn to the seemingly mystical and the healing rhythms of nature. When I was younger I grew up in an environment that was more secluded from the energy of the city and full with the energy and curiosity of nature. Something in which I believe that laid the foundation for the way I connect and share through energy work.

After I dove deeply into meditation, I began to find myself noticing the interconnectedness of all things and how everything is made of energy and always in constant communication.

In Fall of 2014, I connected with my first Reiki Master and Teacher and had my first attunement and training. It wasn’t longer after this that I felt like I had finally “come” home. That this is what my soul was pulling me towards after all these years; energy and shamanic work.

Since then I have continued to explore and expand the modalities, trainings, and methods of energy healing. In May of 2015 I connected instantly with my now dear friend and Shamanic Mentor, Chelsea Wise and continue to work deeply with here to this day.

In uncovering this modality of healing work I felt as though I truly connected with my soul’s dharma. There is something about the nurturing energy that has the ability to take you into the very depths of self that resonates deeply. It empowered me to trust the intelligence that is all around and within and it is from which I deeply believe that we are our own healers, teachers, masters, and gurus. I am merely just a passenger on your journey, a facilitator. All the knowings and answers you seek are already within you.

Though my studies and trainings are never ending and always expanding, I currently now share these various energy work and healing modalities through personalized one on one sessions in Tacoma, Wa and online.

Currently, I am hosting energy study programs and Reiki Attunements that not only honor traditions, but also weave in the various other modalities I have worked closely with to empower your as a healer and allow you to uncover your own gifts and ways in which you commune and share energy.



Meghan Currie 200hr May 2015
Vinyasa | Anusara | Hatha Certification

Reanna Costa 50hr
Dec 2015
Yin Yoga + Chakras Certification
*currently totaling over 200hrs of Yin Training through continuous assisting

Yoga Medicine Spring/Summer 2018
Yoga Therapeutics 20hr + SI Dysfunction Anatomy Intensive + Pain Science


Sept 2014 Reiki I
Apr 2015 Reiki II
Oct 2017 Reiki III
May 2018 Master
with Jessie Campbell, Amy, and Chelsea Wise

Shamanic Apprenticeship
with Chelsea Wise
 2015 - 2018


50 hr Yin & Chakra Training w/ Reanna Costa ↴
Nov 2016 through Dec 2017

Reanna Costa
2015 - 2017
Yoga, Yin Yoga, & Life Coaching Mentorship