SESSIONS – overview

It is within the matrix of our tissues that our body-mind is shaped from our stored life experience, emotions, memories, stressors, and thoughts. In knowing this, we begin to see how these various experiences and thoughts make up the container of who we are, how we think, who we are becoming, and how our body interacts or reacts with our environments.

The purpose of these sessions are to learn how to tune into the intelligence of your body-mind in ways that facilitate awareness, equilibrium, clarity, and relaxation. By utilizing the various modalities shared below; we will work together to create a deeper connection to your physical, energetic, spiritual, and emotional bodies and uncover where these stored life experiences have “accumulated”. Thus allowing us to move, shift, and clear them.

It is my belief that you, are the healer. I am merely the facilitator of said sessions. With this being said, tools and practices will be provided at the end of our sessions so one may continue to explore balance, grounding, and a deeper connection with body. Additionally, these sessions include a one week check-in.


REIKI by using the technique where the practitioner gently places their hands on various positions over the entire body and using the specific ancient Reiki symbols to target and increase the channeled energy. Through the use of this technique, practitioners transfer universal Reiki Energy in the form of Ki through the palms, which the body utilizes to create a state of equilibrium. 

SHAMANISM is an ancient practice used to access deep intuitive knowledge for transformational healing. Soul Retrieval is a process that is done either by the client themselves, through guided journey, or by the practitioner on their behalf. Parts of self that have become disconnected, disempowered, and/or lost through trauma or times of stress are reclaimed, reconnected and reintegrated for a new sense of wholeness.

BREATH WORK the practice of using the breath as a connection force between body and mind has been used since ancient times. By working with different breathing techniques we get out of our linear mind to reach deeper places of release and empowerment. 

definitions of modalities were written by Chelsea Wise