Get to know me from the experiences of others...

Shawnda is a one-of-a-kind yoga instructor. She brings a sense of magic and wonder to her teaching. Shawnda’s flow is rooted in the encouragement to be where you are and do what serves you, and she offers lots of creative suggestions as to what that could look or feel like—add some movement, flip your dog, let out a sigh. She serves as a mentor in her classes, not a commander; the practice she teaches isn’t static or prescriptive.
That said, there’s an arc of intention that runs through her flows, and you will leave her class feeling that you really took a journey. At her core, Shawnda is a healer. I leave her classes feeling more whole and integrated, experiencing some deep relaxation in savasana.
Shawnda is a gift to the yoga community and has many years of thoughtful, playful and soulful teaching ahead of her!
— Cheryl Miller
Shawnda is a lovely teacher who always takes into account everyone’s individual abilities and needs in her instruction.
— Leah Melber
Shawnda is able to hold space for your experience to unfold naturally. With her intuitive direction through the subtle body you feel expanded and spacious from a centered state. She intelligently guides the fluidity of your breath and threads a layer of depth into class creating space to explore deeper layers beneath the surface. Shawnda’s bubbly nature glows throughout and mirrors her creative style.
— Rosie Llewellyn
This is such a beautiful experience!
Guided lovingly by Shawnda + sweet sounds. Melted my way through this class and would highly recommend. Accessible for all people as Shawnda creates a beautiful loving space.
— Miranda Hartman on Yin Experience
I write this with my heart wide open - Shawnda gives a magic Experience to every individual. You FEEL her words and presence support you so deeply in your bones as she creates this space for you to open and simply just be as you are. You can feel the deep love she has for this healing work when she speaks. Her words, spirit and soul will melt you. She is extremely supportive, welcoming and instructs you beautifully not only from shape to shape, but while in the shape encourages release and allowing, accepting and embracing. This practice brought me peace, as well as a huge sense of community and love. Shawnda is a powerful woman to be around <3 Yin Experience is an experience you cannot miss. If you have yet to fall in love with Yin yoga, you will during this practice.
— Hannah Devries